“People’s Choice” Voting Page

Welcome to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s voting page for the Island Faces Portrait Competition. Here you can browse all of the submissions, read their statements and vote for your favorite one.

We received nearly 60 submissions, and want to thank all of the talented artists for their time and energy. Our wonderful judges will be making their selections, and the winners will be featured in an exhibition at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum from June 15 – October 6. To allow for impartial judging, the names of the artists have been left off of this site. If you would like to know more, please visit the exhibition or email acarringer@mvmuseum.org.

Why Vote?

By voting on this site for your favorite portrait, you will help determine the winners for a “People’s Choice” exhibition at Featherstone Center for the Arts in October. The voting for “People’s Choice” will be open until August, so please share this site with others. Please only vote one time.

Voting Instructions
Scroll down the page to see all of the portraits, which are in random order. You can click on the thumbnail image to see a higher resolution. When you have chosen your favorite, click the button next to the image. To finish the process, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Vote” button.

Remember to scroll all of the way down the page, as you can vote for only ONE portrait!


49 comments on ““People’s Choice” Voting Page

  1. birgit mitchell, edgartown says:

    wonderful artwork.. this will be a tough competition

  2. Pam Flam says:

    I can’t believe I had to choose ONE! there are so many fabulous portraits!

  3. hnartisan says:

    this was such a great idea and the entries are terrific !

  4. Pamela Tourville says:

    The stories were as wonderful as the portraits. Such a hard choice.

  5. pamela spencer says:

    what fun! it was difficult to choose. each one shines with personality.

  6. They are all so lovely! Hard to choose.

  7. Jill says:

    Very difficult to shoose.

  8. Zada Clarke says:

    Great idea and interesting to find myself voting for the person as much as the artistry of the image -many fine portraits

  9. Leslie says:

    Can’t they all be winners???? So much fun reading the stories! I do wish the artists names were revealed….but perhaps some objectivity would have been lost.

  10. RJD says:

    2 ez, cy@

  11. Michael Brisson says:

    What a great idea! Love it!

  12. John Alley says:

    I vote for Jean Staples however I would have voted for Anna Carringer but I couldn’t find pix

  13. this os just so terrific….cheers to you all, with admiration, Judy Campbell

  14. gail farrish says:

    What a great island idea. Let’s hope everyone on the island logs on and votes.


  16. CodyBoston says:

    I hope next year, they will include Island Pets photos and paitings too!

  17. ronnie says:

    go krista..proud to be pinoy!

  18. Mark Lepiten says:

    It seems all entries deserves appaluse for such great work of art and its really difficult choosing the best among the best. After a tough mind boggling decision, my vote finally ends for Krista. Beyond the portrait of a pretty and sophisticated lady lies a woman devoted and focused to reach her dreams and aspirations but then she still humbly looks back from her path with a content smile. The portait in charcoal shows her hidden simplicity in black and white yet still the vividness of her wild imagination remains clear to be seen. Krista’s playful depiction of art does not only limit to beautiful images drawn but she extends a hidden meaning and purpose of each material in her canvas, interpreted and admired deeper than what the naked eye can only see… Cheers for Krista!!!

  19. G,T Waters says:

    Win or lose Heather, you are tops, luck to you all, George Waters

  20. It was a hard decision but I chose man of the earth all were wonderful.

  21. JR says:

    Vote for Krista…Nice and very well defined as a true Filipina…..

  22. Pamela Butterick says:

    Judy McConnell’s portrait of Bill is wonderfully true!

  23. GONZALO DEE says:

    go..go.. go.. KRISTA….

  24. hatfeather says:

    beautiful work everyone!

  25. Akina Montecarlo says:

    Winner ka na!!!! Mwahhhhh!<3

  26. BloodyRue says:

    Magandang umaga, paalam.

  27. bry says:

    go mate…gud luck!

  28. Marlene Frab says:

    Love skip and his history Nice work Chris

  29. . says:

    Good job Krista! Hope we’ll meet again.

  30. Sam Low says:

    what an amazing show this will be – can’t wait

  31. Marilyn Wortman says:

    Great job Judy. That is impish Bill!

  32. Kenneth Hatt says:

    Dad i like the detail on the shirt.Good job,Kenny

    • Cathy Minkiewicz says:

      What a great idea! This introduces both Vineyarders and artists to the larger public. It also makes us think as to what constitutes a”portrait”, because in my definition some of these are outside that definition. Thanks! CHM

  33. Kylie Hatt says:

    Dad, I love your painting! It is truly amazing. Kylie 🙂

  34. Robin Nagle says:

    Fabulous idea! Thank you for doing this.

  35. Ellen Celli says:

    Andy Goldman is our favorite Vineyarder!

  36. Geoffrey b says:

    This is wonderful! Does there have to be just one…they are all superb, and are all winners.

  37. Binnie Ravitch says:

    These are ALL fantastic, but I had to vote for the extraordinary photo portrait of Ray Ellis – It’s as buoyant and evocative of the island as his own wonderful paintings!

  38. L. Ambler says:

    Chef Jones, Andrue, the haunting Hall Monitor. . . and I may vote for only one?

  39. D M Blackburn says:

    What a terrific selection of portraits and stories! So many talented people on this island. Just wondering why photos and paintings/drawings were judged together? Different skill levels are needed for these equally important art forms, so I was simply wondering how the decision to mix both art forms in this contest came about. Thanks for the opportunity to reply.

  40. eric h says:

    Great job on Fred ! Amazing color

  41. Patricia Carlet says:

    What an incredible collection of portraits! How can I select just one? Not only is this array a feast for the eyes, but also an amazing collection of Island biographies. Well done, Featherstone! Thank you for the opportunity.

  42. holly says:

    the ruth adams sketch is sooo beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  43. feelingmo says:

    @nina…then you have to identify yourself that u’re Filipino, be proud to be one!

  44. Claudia Metell says:

    The artist captured the essense of Tom

  45. Brenda W. Lynch says:

    These mighty, mighty Vineyarders will lead us into the future!

  46. Jean says:

    the painting of Marston is unbelieveably realistic

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